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Brockton Junior Boxers - Registration Information

PO Box 1685

Brockton, MA. 02303


Brockton Junior Boxers - Fundraising or Donations

PO Box 1685

Brockton, MA. 02303


We are located in the City of Champions Brockton, MA. If you are interested in Fundraising & Registration info or speaking with one of our Board Members or Head Coaches please see the contact information below. 

Have a question? Then please fill out the contact form below providing the details of the information you are looking for and someone from the organization will get back to you within 24 - 48 business hours. 

We appreciate your interest in Brockton Junior Boxes Pop Warner Inc.

Brockton Junior Boxers - Board Members

PO Box 1685

Brockton, MA. 02303

President@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Miguel  Oliva

VicePresident@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - TBA

Secretary@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org- Timmy Townsend

Treasurer@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Ike Wonodi

CheerCoordinator@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Zena Curry

​CoachReps@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Jason Ortega

AllScholastic@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - TBA

Fundraising@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - ​Tatiana Morales

Equipment@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Paul Faria

Concessions@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Robert Jenkins

​Webmaster@BrocktonJuniorBoxers.org - Timmy Townsend

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