The Junior Boxer's number one priority has always been the safety of our participants.  Working with USA Football’s Heads Up Football program is the latest step in delivering a safer program to all of our BJB players. 


 SafeSport Certification

What is Heads Up Football?

All BJB coaches (head and assistants) must complete the USA Football Level 1 Coach Certification Course annually.

Coaches Please Print Out Coaching Certificate and give it to the Player Safety Coach By August 1st 



  • Concussion Recognition & Response
  • Heat Preparedness & Hydration
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Proper Equipment Fitting
  • Heads Up Tackling®
  • Heads Up Blocking

Coaches Please take the SafeSport Course and bring Certificate to Andrew Enos (Safety Response Team) By August 1st 

Get SafeSport Certified HERE